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Great podcast

It is a fun and informative and glad I had the opportunity to be on the show months ago

High energy host

Relatable, energetic take on wide ranging topics. From mental health issues, to art, to music, or social commentary, you will always be entertained by host and guests.


I was diagnosed bipolar type 2 7 months ago. I love listening to you guys. There’s tons of helpful info and also it’s nice to hear someone else’s journey and how you relate with them. Thank you guys! Keep going!

Very new listener

Just recently decided to dive into finding podcasts I could relate to and this has been super beneficial in helping me feel like I’m not alone in the many layers of how I feel on the daily!


It’s nice to know that I am not alone. I am bipolar 1 with Pure O OCD anxiety and depression.

Informative and inspiring

Bipolar Style has become one of my favorite mental health podcasts. Very informative and I can relate to so much. Really enjoying the back-and-forth between John and Jessica. Glad I'm following them on Instagram and Twitter. Been looking forward to the next episode each week. They have inspired me and given me ideas for my podcast and my writing!

Awesome & entertaining; an insightful pod

John is a fanastic, down-to-earth host. There's never a dull moment during his episodes. He insightfully examines current and age-old topics relevant to anyone with bipolar disorder. I highly recommend this podcast!

Same great content, new feed

John keeps bringing the energy in the Bipolar Style new feed. Whether you are a newly diagnosed person or just curious, you’re sure to find some thing helpful here.